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Song Sparrow 3/14/15


I’ve not yet heard him singing for Madge to put on the Teakettle, but it will be any day now as the Chickadees and Cardinals and Titmice are already singing.


Brown Creeper 3/11/15


Treecreepers are small inconspicuous woodland birds of the Northern Hemisphere belonging to the genus Certhia. Brown Creepers are the North American representative, alongside 8 other species found across Europe and Asia. None are migratory. Brown creepers land at the bottom of a trunk and then forage for upwards in a spiral looking for insects and larvae. They have stiff tail feathers like woodpeckers for hitching themselves up tree trunks.


Snowy Owl 3/10/15


Ragged Neck, Rye, with Appledore in the background.


Pine Grosbeak female 3/8/15


Pine Grosbeaks are irruptive frugivores. They search for fruit in winter, but supply varies widely from year to year making their migrations unpredictable. These are large true finches, breeding in the boreal forests across Canada and coming south into the states during the winter. Males have rosy heads, breasts, backs and rumps, females have greenish gold heads and rumps.


Cedar Waxwing 3/5/15


Here you can see what gives waxwings their name, the secondary feathers end in a short length of bare quill, which develops a waxy red coating that is derived from the pigments of berries. Their presence signifies adulthood.