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Butterbutt 11/4/15


Fall warblers are one of the biggest challenges for birdwatchers to ID, when bright contrasting breeding colors give way to much less distinctive wardrobes. Butterbutts, more properly known as Yellow-rumped Warblers, are relatively easy to tell from other warblers by their bright yellow rumps, which are prominent in all plumages. They are one of the later migrating warblers here as many breed far to the north. Many warblers come in 7 basic plumages—both adult and immature males and females make up the 4 spring plumages. The 3 fall plumages are the nonbreeding adult males and females and finally the juveniles born in summer. The most colorful of the 7 is the breeding or spring male, and the most drab is the sexless juvenile, with the other plumages creating a spectrum in between. Above is an adult fall female.