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Black-throated Blue Warbler male 8/17/18

Black-throated Blue Warbler males are one of the few warblers that look much the same in fall as they do in spring, but the blue and black is not as rich and saturated as in spring breeding plumage. Females are more drab gray with blue hints but without any of the male’s bold black markings. They are a warbler of deep forests from Nova Scotia to the Great Lakes then south down the Appalachians. They winter in the Caribbean and parts of Central America. This one on the rocks by the sea appears to be an early migrant.


House Wren chicks 8/15/18

Believe it or not there are 7 House Wren chicks packed into this nest I found under the eave of an entryway. They’ll be fledging shortly, it’s hard to imagine any of them moving about without pushing one of its sibs out of the nest. House wrens build twiggy nests in a wide variety of cavities or other protected places such as garages, flower pots, nest boxes, and brush piles. They are quite common little brown songbirds with a loud burbly song frequently repeated.


Little Blue Heron 8/4/18

You don’t often see these birds since Little Blues are herons of tropical and subtropical swamps and estuaries, breeding from Brazil through the Caribbean to the Gulf and mid-Atlantic coast states of the US.  In New England we get a few every spring and a few do breed here in mixed rookeries, then a few more might show up in late summer during the post-breeding dispersal. First-year birds are all white and often confused with Snowy Egrets which are much the same size. Adults are blue with purplish necks and heads.