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Eastern Wood Pewee 10/20/18

Eastern Wood Pewees are a dull olive color and sport a dusky vest when seen front on. They can be told from other small flycatchers by the lack of eye-ring, two-toned bill (yellow below gray), off-white throat, 2 pale wingbars, and extended remiges or flight feathers giving them longer and pointier wings than other small flycatchers. The Western counterpart looks identical but makes a much different sound than the pee-a-wee of the Eastern birds, not long ago they were considered one. Similar to Eastern Phoebes but lacking the dark head, solid bill, and constantly flicking tail. Sexes alike.


3 Sanderling juves 10/8/18

Juvenile Sanderlings are the most black and white of the little sandpipers you see along the coast during late migration. They are coming from the Arctic, and it’s impossible to know if this bunch will continue on to South America or spend the winter right here on the beaches of Maine. Sanderlings are the next size up from the “peeps” or the 5 smallest shorebird species, and are similarly sized with Dunlin and Purple Sandpipers—our 2 other winter shorebirds. In another month or so these birds will molt from juvenile into their first winter plumage. Gone will be the spangled wings and streaky heads, replaced with a soft pale gray.