Red-winged Blackbird 3/7/11

The arrival of Red-winged Blackbirds the other day at Seapoint Beach is a sure sign of spring’s arrival, albeit a tenuous one. A March blizzard and freezing temps could well drive these birds south again for another couple of weeks. But at the moment the salt marshes here are freshening with life, and other early bird arrivals like Turkey Vultures, Killdeer, and Grackles have also made an appearance. Male Redwings arrive on their territories ahead of the females, this one was displaying and chasing other males for the prime perches behind the beach, hunching his back and throwing out his shoulders and scarlet epaulets while calling Konk-a-reeeee!

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  1. JayJay said,

    March 12, 2011 @ 6:42 am

    Hi, Phillip,

    There are hundreds of new arrivals in my yard – these guys and grackles. It’s so neat to look at the trees peppered with these beauties.


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