Semipalmated Sandpiper juveniles 8/24/12

Juvenile Semipalmated Sandpipers are migrating through New England now on their first trip from the high Arctic to the coasts of South America. ¬†The streakier and more speckled¬†adults began migrating a few weeks ago but the paler, cleaner, and softer colored juveniles (with blushes of color on their breasts instead of streaks) are just coming in now and for the next few weeks. Juvenile semipals are the most abundant of shorebirds at this time of year and you’ll often see them in flocks numbering in the hundreds if not thousands, though shorebird flocks are typically mixed. It’s my belief that once you can recognize adult from juvenile semipals, all the other less common sandpipers become much easier to identify. Fetched at Seapoint.

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