Dark-eyed Junco male 2/10/15


Charcoal, white, and pink-billed Dark-eyed Junco males in the eastern US are probably the plainest looking sparrow you’ll ever see. This one’s disappearing into the snowstorm. The Dark-eyed Junco is a lumped species made up of a whole bunch of older named species, so not all Dark-eyed Junco males look like the photo. This is actually a Slate-colored Junco—Slate-colored, Oregon, Pink-sided, White-winged, Gray-headed, Red-backed, and Guadaloupe Juncos all became subspecies of the Dark-eyed Junco in 1983. It’s actually even more complicated (as taxonomy often is), since some of these older species had subspecies of their own. The reason they’re all lumped together now is because they all readily interbreed where their ranges overlap.


  1. Franco said,

    December 20, 2015 @ 6:56 pm

    I’ve fed humming birds all wnteir at my kitchen and dining room windows. The heat radiated seems to keep them thawed even when freezing outside. They have been visiting while I read your blog today.

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