Eastern Bluebird 2nd brood fledglings 8/12/16

easternbluebirdjuves (1)

Eastern Bluebird pairs usually have 2 and occasionally even 3 broods per summer. Fledglings from early broods sometimes help their parents raise the young of a later brood, and fledglings from the last brood sometimes stay with their parents through the winter. Populations in southern Canada and Northern US states are entirely migratory while in states not very far south of us they are year round birds. Here in New England we have a mix, most populations migrate short to medium distances and a few year-round residents. Juveniles have white-spotted breasts and are mostly a drab gray on top with just a hint of blue in the wings. These 2 juves on my neighbors chimney had 2 siblings lower down on the roof, and all were being tended to and watched over by their Royal Blue dad.

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