Horned Lark 2/3/18

Horned Larks are found all across the northern hemisphere in 42 subspecies. They are North America’s only lark, and breed in open country—prairies, deserts, tundra, mountains above the tree line, agricultural fields, and shorelines. They are year round residents in much of the US, but there are migratory populations that breed in the Arctic and winter much farther south in places like New England and the Gulf Coast. I often see them in small flocks of a half to several dozen on local beaches during the winter, occasionally mixed in with other Arctic birds like Snow Buntings and Lapland Longspurs. They’re hard to see until they’ve been spooked into the air with weak tinkling calls. Many of the North American subspecies are in decline, one reason being they are especially susceptible to being killed by wind turbines.

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