White-throated Sparrow (tan-striped morph) 2/22/18

Like Eastern Screech Owls come in both red or gray morphs of either sex, White-throated Sparrows come in white-striped morphs and tan-striped morphs referring to the coloring of their head stripes. Tan-stripers like the bird above, are fairly indistinct and drab and are often misidentified. You can see their white throat, but it isn’t crisply edged in black and the head pattern doesn’t have the boldly contrasting black and white stripes, but fairly indistinct brown and tan ones. The yellow lores between the bill and eye are present but likewise much less distinct than in a white-striper. Tan-stripers aren’t at all rare, they are just as common as the white-stripers. In fact a tan-striper of either sex always mates with a white-striper of the opposite sex.

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