Three Bufflehead drakes 4/1/18

Gotta love all the new birds arriving, American Woodcock are regularly “peent”ing around open area in the dusky hours, Eastern Phoebes have begun arriving with their calls that are somehow scolding and cheerful at the same time, and just yesterday several reports around the coast announced Tree Swallows—which I may go looking for later today.  The birdlist reports are full of “FoY”s meaning “first of year” sightings. But the flipside is that many winter residents are leaving us now, including the Buffleheads. I don’t know about you but they bring me so much winter cheer. I may still see a few more small groups over the next few weeks, but soon they’ll have disappeared for the bogs and boreal forests of Canada, to find a mate, take over an old Flicker nest, and raise a brood. Safe journeys!

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