Piping Plover male 4/25/18

We have a few shorebirds that breed locally and this threatened and endangered plover is one of them. With constant human pressure on their beachside nesting grounds, Piping Plovers are having a hard time recovering their former numbers along the Eastern Seaboard and in the Great Plains where they breed. In New England they arrive in April to court, mate, and nest in sand dunes right where people congregate in great numbers during the summertime, along with their homes, vehicles, and pets.  On the other hand, if it weren’t for most people respecting their roped off nesting areas and adjusting their habits to tread the dunes a little more lightly, there’s little doubt in my mind these plaintive little shorebirds would be extinct by now. Populations are improving, but progress is glacial. This one’s male, the black visor between the eyes and the necklace are paler and not so bold or complete in the females.

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