Red-necked Grebe 11/19/18

Of the 2 grebes we see along the New England coast in the winter, the Red-necked Grebe is the larger and much less common one, with a larger, yellower, and stouter bill than the Horned Grebe.  These waterbirds breed along shallow inland bodies of water west of the Great Lakes all the way to Alaska , so it’s odd that some winter along the Atlantic but they do. During the breeding season they sport the rusty red necks of their name, bright white cheeks and faces with black crowns. They are consummate divers for small fish, molluscs and crustaceans, and will typically flee from danger underwater rather than taking to the air. Like their Loon relatives their feet are placed too far back on the body to make them anything but ungainly on land, and unlike the web-footed ducks, they have peculiar lobed toes for swimming.

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