Pied-billed Grebe juvenile 11/26/18

Close to home at the end of a not very productive bird drive I pulled into Pepperrell Cove and suddenly spotted this tiny grebe. The wharf had been empty in the rain, and when I thought it dove for food, and thought it safe to get out of the car for a windshield free shot, it was already halfway out to the refuge of this buoy, underwater. Shy bird. This is a juvenile, a bird in its first set of feathers, adults are more charcoal-gray colored and have a black throat, as well as a bluish bill split by a prominent black stripe you only get a hint of here. P-B Grebes are found in freshwater lakes and ponds all across the continent, but the northern populations, whose territories freeze in winter, have to migrate by leap frogging over all the year round ice-free populations in the southern part of their range, to winter in southern Mexico or Central America.

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